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Carolina Panthers Are SuperBowl Bound

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Carolina Panthers Cam Newton

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What makes Cam Newton the man he is right now? Cam is a multi threat on and off the field. He has the look, the physical stature, and the smarts to always give back to the community. When you break things down, a huge part is the energy he gives off to people. Music is very vital role, from Cam making the highly popular street dance “dab” to a world wide gesture it makes us as our self what are 5 songs fit to make the best pre game playlist?

Songs Number 5 and 4: If you been to the Panthers stadium they play local music such as Open Minds, Home Team and Baby Jesus, Dab City which has now been remixed and features the creator of the dab Skippa The Flippa. Being that these songs are already selected they automatically make our list. coming in at number four and five.

Songs Number 3 and 2: If you saw the last home game Cam Newton brought Atlanta natives and hip hop icons Young Jeezy and Future out. Future mixtape releases has changed the culture of hip hop which places him with number 3 with March Madness in at a close number 2 is Plies with his hit song Ritz Carlton. You can catch plenty of the players on the side line jogging in the same place doing the hustle man dance. The song became popular off the Instagram and Vine social network sites. Which displays a person getting over on another person.

Song Number 1: No other than the Migos Look at my Dab: The Dab fever has created a headwaves around the world from Squidward in a parade doing it to even Panthers team owner Jerry Richardson doing it. The Dab has taken over and just like the Panthers has no limits!