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The Walking Dead

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If you date a TV show lover it is very possible you spent your Valentine’s Day exchanging cooked food and a candle light dinner over Walking Dead playing in the background. The season 6 dropped on the big day where fans got to save money by watching the hour long show from the comfortableness of their own houses. Still traveling Rick and his crew lost three friends in the season opener. Sam, his brother (Ron), and his mom (Jessie) get effected and turn into zombies. Before Ron being slashed away he fires off a bullet which hit Carl in the eye (Rick’s son; the main character). After carrying his son into a house asking residents of the neighborhood to aid his son he automatically takes his frustration out on the zombie apocalypse and goes on a tirade killing multiple zombies which than the rest of the team comes together with the community they were passing thru and but an end the the zombie infection. The next episode should be one to see how Carl will bounce back.