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1. Guess Who Came to Dinner?


Trump Supporters, Far-right Extremists Rally In Washington DC For 'Million MAGA March'

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What You Need to Know:

Donald Trump’s controversial dinner with White nationalist and anti-Semite Holocaust denier, Nick Fuentes, and controversial pot-stirrer, Kanye West, continues to generate discussions, especially among Washington Republicans. A growing number of religious leaders, especially those within and outside of the Jewish religion, are speaking out against Donald Trump’s dinner with a holocaust denier, Nick Fuentes, who accompanied Kanye West to a dinner at the Trump Mar-a-Lago property last week.

The New York Times reported, “even some of the staunchest Trump supporters say they can no longer ignore the abetting of bigotry by the nominal leader of the Republican Party.”


2. What Does a GOP-Controlled House Mean?


Political Parties Photo Illustrations

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What You Need to Know:

The Republican Party will officially take control of the House of Representatives and its committees in January. Here’s a look at some of the Republicans who will likely chair House committees and why it matters.

Jim Comer, R-Ky., will likely assume Carolyn Maloney’s D-NY position as chair of the House Oversight and Reform Committee.

Comer was among Republicans who recently accused President Biden’s son, Hunter, of influence peddling and labeled him a national security threat. Comber accused Biden and his family of crimes, including defrauding the United States, tax evasion, money laundering, and more.


3. Connecticut Facing Growing Cost of Pandemic Bonus Pay


Golden map of Connecticut against an American flag.

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What You Need to Know:

A Connecticut program that offered “hero pay” to essential workers at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic got so many applicants that state lawmakers had to go back into session Monday to provide extra funding and put new limits on who could get the biggest bonuses.

The Connecticut General Assembly voted to revamp the distribution formula for the Premium Pay Program for private sector workers.

Initially, the state had expected to award about $30 million in bonuses to people who had to go to work, in person, in jobs in health care, food distribution, public safety, and other essential services.


4. Anti-Trans Rhetoric is to Blame for the Club Q Shooting


A pride flag reading "Equality" and hundreds of items adorn...

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What You Need to Know:

On Saturday, November 19, 2022, a mass shooting occurred at a known queer club in Colorado Springs.

Following 2021, which broke the record for most anti-LGBTQ+ bills passed in state legislatures in a single year, nearly 300 bills were considered this year that sought to criminalize transition-related care for minors, ban trans people from school sports, ban discussions of queer and trans people in classrooms, and otherwise restrict LGBTQ+ rights. This legislative onslaught came amid escalating anti-LGBTQ+ — and specifically, anti-trans — rhetoric across the cultural landscape, from extremist right-wing pundits down to our most venerated mainstream media outlets. Both established and emerging right-wing hatemongers, from Tucker Carlson and Matt Walsh to the Twitter account Libs of TikTok, have spent 2022 smearing trans people, drag queens, teachers, school boards, and others as “groomers,” “pedophiles,” and worse.


5. Black and Missing: Shykiese Kilpatrick Marks


Shykiese Kilpatrick Marks has been missing from Sherwood, Arkansas since November 2. The 23-year-old woman was last seen getting into a black truck pulling a trailer driven by an unknown Black male. She was wearing a white shirt, and cream-colored joggers, and carrying a black backpack.

Shykiese is 6’1″ in height. She has short, natural kinky black hair but sometimes wears colorful wigs. She has three tattoos: ‘Woogie’ tattooed on her left eyebrow, ‘Clifton’ tattooed on her left wrist, and a triangle with eyes on the inside on her left shoulder.

Anyone with information on Shykiese’s disappearance should go to the Black and Missing Foundation website.

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