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A court filing reveals that Dwyane Wade insisted that it’s in his transgender daughter, Zaya’s best interest to legally change her name and gender. Read more and check out the countries that offer the most equal opportunities for transgender hormone therapy inside.

Wade’s filing was in response to his ex-wife, Siohvaughn Funches-Wade, who attempted to prevent 15-year-old Zaya, who was born Zion, from receiving an updated birth certificate to match her new gender and name.

A recent study shows that as many as 0.005–0.014% of biological males and 0.002–0.003% of biological females across the globe felt some form of gender dysphoria, which refers to feeling uncomfortable with the physical attributes of the sex you were assigned at birth and the subsequent gender that society identifies you as.

Like the conflict between Wade and his ex-wife Siohvaughn, many countries have differing opinions about gender identity. Many countries believe it isn’t something one can be certain of until they reach a certain age.

An American study indicated that almost 80% of trans-individuals surveyed had considered suicide, with the report also highlighting that suicidal thoughts were most prevalent among transgender youths. This study provides justification for allowing hormone treatment to begin at a younger age.

The Global Health Inequalities Report but he experts at Radar Healthcare reveal the countries offering the most equal opportunities for transgender therapy by age.

Which Countries Offer Hormone Treatments To Transgender Patients The Youngest?

Canada and New Zealand lead the way for access to transgender hormone treatment for young residents from the age of 14.

Slovenia and Denmark ranked in second place, offering hormone treatment to transgender individuals from the age of 15.

The US, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Australia, Switzerland, Poland, Malta, and Liechtenstein are in third place with hormone treatment allowed from 16.

In the UK, the required age varies according to nation, with treatment allowed to start from 16 in Scotland, 17 in England, 18 in Wales, and 15 in Northern Ireland.

In Luxembourg and Germany, the age someone can begin hormone treatment depends on the maturity of the individual. In Germany, this means that if the individual has undertaken the correct amount of therapy and has an ‘indication letter’, they can undergo HRT (hormone replacement therapy) under public health insurance.

Here’s the graph showcasing the research by country and age:

Radar Healthcare Transgender Hormone Treatments Graph

Source: Radar Healthcare / Radar Healthcare

Check out the full report via Radar Healthcare here.

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