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Alice Walker has angered some in the Jewish community after her interview with The New York Times over the weekend referenced a book from an author that has known anti-Semitic views. The Pulitzer Prize-winning The Color Purple author gave heavy praise to author David Icke and his book And The Truth Will Set You Free that has theories that hatefully misframe Jewish communities.

The Tablet reports:

Over the weekend, the New York Times Book Review published a full-length interview with Alice Walker, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Color Purple. The very first question: “What books are on your nightstand?” Walker replied with four, the second of which was:

“And the Truth Shall Set You Free,” by David Icke. In Icke’s books there is the whole of existence, on this planet and several others, to think about. A curious person’s dream come true.”

This passed without comment from the New York Times interviewer, and the publication passed it on to readers without qualification. This is rather remarkable because the book is an unhinged anti-Semitic conspiracy tract written by one of Britain’s most notorious anti-Semites.

A former soccer player turned professional hate peddler, Icke is one of the most influential conspiracy theorists in Europe, and certainly in Britain. Today, he has over 777,000 followers on Facebook, and speaks to audiences around the world. Like many conspiracy theorists, Icke claims that a secret conspiracy controls the world. And like many conspiracy theorists, Icke claims that this secret conspiracy happens to be Jewish.

Icke and Walker both have been the target harsh words on Twitter and beyond. Walker has yet to address the matter in public.

It should be noted that Walker was once married to Jewish lawyer Melvyn R. Leventhal.

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Alice Walker Facing Criticism Over Supporting Anti-Semitic Author  was originally published on hiphopwired.com