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We enjoyed last season of Love and Hip-Hop Miami so much that Mona Scott-Young and company brought it back for the second time! It’s apropos that tonight’s episode starts with Trina. Her deal is that she is having an extremely hard time getting Trick Daddy to commit to buckling down and finally recording their TNT album, which they’ve been talking about forever. This is definitely going to be the hook of this episode, probably the season.

Amara La Negra is back and she blew up since we saw her last season. Now she can take care of her mom the way she always wanted to. Then we meet Jessie Woo, comedian, and host. You may already know her from her poppin’ Instagram. She’s back in Miami after doing some work in New York for BET, and we learn that she’s the product of a strict Haitian family. Her mom, who is a minister, loves her but isn’t really into her career choice.

Let’s fast forward a bit. Jessie gathers some women from the cast and their moms for a brunch. We all know what happens at these—all gossip everything. We learn that JoJo is dating Pleasure P. Then Amara La Negra’s name comes up. Apparently, Jessie fired her manager, who was also Amara’s manager, but he was (allegedly) feeding Amara all of Jessie’s ideas hence the firing. Then Jessie accuses Amara of flirting with her man. That’s when Miami Tip pipes up with info she got from Keyara that Amara was (allegedly) all up in Gunplay’s DM’s too. These ladies obviously want to have a chat with Amara. That’s going to be interesting, especially since JoJo makes it clear that she’s going to hip Amara to game since they’re friends. The other ladies do not like that, but it is what it is.

Speaking of Keyara, she and Gunplay, who have been on the outs lately, come together to see if they can get right. They cannot. Keyara doesn’t trust Gunplay and it’s as simple as that. She believes that he has been having fun with women in his DM’s. Gunplay denies the latter but he does take ownership of making her feel like she doesn’t matter and agrees to give her space.

Finally, we’re back on Trick Daddy and Trina. They’re about to hit the stage for a highly anticipated performance, but before they step out Trina wants to have a little chat with him. Trina tells him that he needs to buckle down so they can get TNT together. Trick gets tight because he wants to get into the studio when he says so.

He doesn’t really want to deal with this at the moment, or ever, and says they should just get on stage. So, they perform “Take it to the House” It starts off well, and the audience is feeling it, but Trick pulls a sucka move when he notices that Trina is getting ready to perform her own songs. He cuts her mic off and leaves. That sends Trina flying into a rage. She goes all the way off and has a meltdown backstage because she’s tired of being disrespected by Trick. Obviously, the TNT project is over, at least for now.


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