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Ok now WAIT A MINUTE!! We get the point of loyalty to the bond,marriage or whatever you may have. But in this case who know’s maybe it’s a mutual understanding between them! In a recent interview Ayesha gave advice on how her marriage has stayed strong for a decade.

We know dating a NBA Star can be hectic and draining, but the Curry’s have the secrete sauce. Mrs. Curry say’s she puts her hubby ‘Chef Curry’ before the kids. She say’s that making it a priority for Dates, alone time and even vacations is what it’s about. How do you expect for a couple to stay true to their vow’s if their is never any time set aside to relax and reflect together?

Me personally if they’re happy and loving strong, Let them be! You know WAKANDA was not happy! Check the feedback below and vote wether you would let Ayesha & Steph be your marriage counselor!