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Veronica Vega is back on tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Miami. She’s determined to take control of her career after chatting with Polow Da Don. She’s tired of people having the wrong idea about her and wants to move past the controversy of “Pay Me,” the drama with Amara La Negra, etc. Luckily for her, Trick Daddy has taken a liking to her (not like that) and wants to help. He set her up with an interview with Nore’s podcast, Drink Champs. Later on in the episode, she goes on the show and actually does well despite the fact that they pulled no punches with their line of questioning. Good for her.

Bobby Lytes meets with his mom for advice. He wants to know if he should sign with Trina or go with Clear Vision Group. There are pros and cons for both. Trina said she wants to wait on having him sign paperwork and first sees how he does with putting out a single. Clear Vision group is ready to go full speed ahead. His mother says to go with Trina since she’s family and has more experience. Bobby Lytes has some thinking to do. Later on, he decides to sign with Clear Vision. We already knew he’d make the more controversial decision. Trina didn’t even know that deal was on the table. She definitely won’t be happy.

Miami Tip had a meeting with Jullian and Amara La Negra and decided to be messy and bring Jessie Woo along. You already know Jessie didn’t hold back about how she thinks Jullian was feeding her ideas to Amara La Negra. Eventually, this ends in drama (of course). Jessie said she heard Amara was going around saying she was going to beat her arse then says that Amara’s mother, cousins and everyone can get it. We all know Amara doesn’t play about her mother so she pretends she’s actually going to pop off on Jessie but that tight Love and Hip-Hop Miami security swoops in and handles that. Then Amara acts all disappointed in herself, talking about how she doesn’t want to stoop to Jessie’s level, but she’s tired of people coming for her.

Jullian talks her off the ledge and reminds her of her success and all the good things coming up.

Baby Blue reached out to his father, Big Blue, to come back into the mix and whip Pretty Ricky back into shape. That sounds good in theory, but in practice, Big Blue isn’t even on good terms with the rest of Pretty Ricky, including his other son, Spectacular. As a matter of fact, Spectacular didn’t even invite him to his wedding. It’s also important to note that Spectacular didn’t even ask Baby Blue to be his best man. Basically, the rest of the group feels like Big Blue did not manage their money well.

So let’s fast forward to the end of the episode. It’s the big chat with Big Blue and the rest of Pretty Ricky. Slick ‘Em start going in on Big Blue about finances first. Slick ‘Em said he’s still financially messed up from the group and doesn’t even have a bank account. Big Blue refuses to take responsibility for that. Then Spectacular chimes in and says that Pretty Ricky never got paid for all the touring they did. Then Big Blue tries to flip it on him and says that Spectacular has been making money off Pretty Ricky’s social media and shouldn’t talk.

This is a mess. Spectacular starts yelling at his pops because he wishes he would just take responsibility for their financial ruin but Big Blue doesn’t like the way Spectacular is talking so now he and Spec go at it. These brothers legit threaten to beat each other up and that’s where the episode ends.

We know security won’t let this go down but it’s high time for them to get a therapist. Where’s Dr. Jeff Gardere when we need him.


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