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Emotions are at an all-time high following reports from the Chicago Police Department that Jussie Smollett staged his January 28th attack. In fact, reactions from political commentators, social media users, and celebrities close to Smollett have opened up conversations about hate crimes, the trustworthiness of police and the power of the media.

Meanwhile, some people are already labeling Smollett as guilty even before a trial has started. However, one person who is not quick to judge is actress and comedian, Amanda Seales.

In a sit-down discussion with Karen Vaughn at the Steward Speakers Series’ Year of The Woman, Seales started off by saying that she is working on “not calling-out people, outside of family.” Furthering elaborating and giving the example of the Smollett case and how some black people are ready to offer him to what she called the “oppressors,” when the oppressors have been doing the same thing that Jussie has allegedly done forever.

“This Jussie Smollett, watch what happens. Watch.” Seales stated. “Our people are chopping at the bit… chopping at the bit… why?”

“I’m not saying what he did was cool, it’s not by any means but the decisiveness of so many people to offer him up on plate to the oppressors when the oppressors been doing this shit forever.”

If that’s not enough, Seales goes on to also to discuss the recent reports and opinions surrounding R.Kelly and how the black community is split between supporting and tearing down one over the other.

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