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Jussie Smollett

Source: Brandon Caldwell / Radio One Houston

Look, the Jussie Smollett story is probably the greatest episode of Empire ever because of all the strange twists and turns. After turning himself in and subsequently being released on charges of felony disorderly conduct, there appears to be more information supporting Jussie’s claim that what Chicago PD alleges what happened isn’t what happened.

You ready? Here we go:

According to TMZ, there are documents that on the surface back Smollett’s claim that the $3,500 check he wrote to Abel and Ola Osundairo wasn’t to stage and attack but rather for training. The check was dated January 23, 2019, six days before Smollett’s “attack” in Chicago. The memo of the check reads, “5 week Nutrition / Workout program Don’t Go.”

“Don’t Go” is a track Jussie was set to shoot a music video for and he was to be shirtless. Smollett weighed 192 pounds before the shoot and needed to drop 20 points, hence why he hired Abel.

There are a slew of texts beginning from January 20 between Jussie and Abel and on January 28, the day before the “attack,” Abel wrote to Jussie, “I know you’re traveling today, make sure you get at least 45 mins of cardio.”

Another text from January 20 outlines a menu for the day, typical fitness eats such as chicken thigh, Starkist Tuna, eggs and Smucker’s peanut butter. On January 25, there’s a text that reads, “This is the meal plan and the breakdown of macronutrients. Also includes projected fat loss.” The video shoot was set to take place yesterday, February 23.

There’s another text dating back to September 27, 2019 that showed Jussie had paid Abel’s brother Ola in the past – a $100 payment that was supposed to be given to Abel for “Training.”

Here’s how the $3,500 breakdown, according to people close to Smollett: $600 a week for the workout plan for 5 weeks and $100 a week for the nutrition plan for 5 weeks.

Although this doesn’t prove that the attack was staged or give evidence as to why the brothers were spotted on surveillance footage buying all the materials Smollett mentioned in his original attack, it’s something to ponder. Even though the Chicago Police Superintendent said that Jussie sent that racist letter to himself days before the attack as a means for a salary dispute, the FBI cannot conclude that. At least not yet.

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