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Part two of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion aired tonight and honestly, it should be the last episode to finally close out the season, but it’s not. There’s more next week. Anyway, tonight Andy rehashed more trite issues that we need to just let die.

Anyway, NeNe’s negativity takes center stage again. Her attitude is heavy, and it’s affecting everyone else. Once again, Andy discusses her drama with Gregg. NeNe reveals that they are in therapy but when Gregg comes out later to give his side of the story, he said he wants to work things out with NeNe. Therapy is a good step, but NeNe says she’s not sure what she wants to do. That could just be her taking a dig at Gregg. You know how she likes to be so nasty and so rude when she feels attacked so this could be that.

Let’s fast forward a bit because even Eva, Tanya, Porsha and Cynthia had moments where they explained that they were genuinely in NeNe’s corner and wanted to support her. NeNe said that none of them were her friends at all and that really seems to sting. Porsha is the first to bring that up in a seemingly heartfelt attempt to get NeNe to see that they are on her side. They also agree that NeNe pushes people away and it’s hurtful. NeNe, after all that was said, said she had nothing to say.

Prior to Porsha’s plea, the only thing NeNe really had to say was that these women were just coming at her for clout. You know how she thinks she’s the Queen B, right? Yeah. So that’s that. Fun NeNe is entirely gone and we’re left with the egomaniac who treats people like trash.

Eva brought up an interesting point too. She said NeNe is only cool with her when she acts like a lap dog. This is something that has definitely come up before with NeNe and other women. But that aside, we also know that NeNe does not do nice very well when she feels her life isn’t going well. That’s also what we’re seeing. It’s sad to see but it is what it is, and there will be even more next week.

The big fallout is coming.


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