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Source: A24 / A24

Adam Sandler’s new thriller Uncut Gems is doing well at the box office, like really well.  It’s setting new records and just received best per-screen average in A24 studio history. It’s also on pace to surpass Hereditary to become A24’s highest-grossing film ever. Uncut Gems is also topping the list of most F-bombs used in a movie. Impressive. It’s been listed as the fourth biggest F-bomb user in movie history on Wikipedia. You’ll hear the F-word used a total of 500 times which is an average of 3.7 F-words per minute! The film has to be in English with at least 150 spoken uses of the word (and its many derivatives), and it can’t be a pornographic film for a place on the list. The only movies that have more F-words than Uncut Gems are the Wolf of Wall Street, Swearnet, and F*ck, a documentary about the word itself.

Uncut Gems Joins The List For Most F-Bombs in a Movie  was originally published on radionowindy.com