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Skincare is an intricate part of one’s wellness routine. And with skincare projected to generate 177 billion dollars in revenue by 2025 and wellness becoming a daily practice, both skincare and self-care go hand in hand. Investing in products prioritizing melanated skin is vital for an effective skincare and self-care routine.

TV personality, actress, and mompreneur Vanessa Simmons has teamed up with Black-owned skincare brand Buttah Skin because she believes clean and sustainable products are essential for one’s well-being. Buttah Skin, founded by Dorion Renaud, is a brand that has organic & cruelty-free products that target dryness, discoloration, oiliness, and blemishes with simple and proven-effective ingredients to leave your skin glowing, healthy, and renewed.

I spoke with Simmons, who shared more about the Buttah Skin collaboration, her healthy skincare tips, and why skincare is at the top of her self-care list.

HelloBeautiful: Tell us more about becoming the Brand Ambassador for Buttah Skin.

Vanessa Simmons: Dorion, the founder of Buttah Skin, and I have been really good friends for a long time. I’m proud that he ventured out and created his own company from something he saw that was a need in the market. Buttah Skin products really work, and what makes them so special is that it’s targeted toward melanin. You don’t really see that a lot in the market. So it was a natural thing to partner up with Buttah. Not because Dorion is my friend but because I am such an advocate for skincare and wellness all around.

HB: What was your relationship with skincare growing up?

VS: I’ve always been into skincare from being in front of the camera for a long time. Even before the camera, I modeled and was really into pageants. So I was always in the stores looking for the best makeup and skin care products. My mom used to call me product girl [laughs]. It has been a full circle moment from seeing products back then to seeing the types of products on the shelves today, especially the ones targeted at people who look like me. It’s amazing to see.

HB: From your experience with skincare practices, what are the best ways to maintain healthier skin?

VS: There are a lot of things that you can use at home that will aid healthy skin care. For example, putting lemon in your water and consuming fruits and vegetables are good ways to give your skin a better glow and make you feel more confident.

HB: What are the main concerns about skincare products, especially for Black women?

VS: I have had a lot of trials and errors with skincare products. With some companies, someone told me that this product worked amazingly for their skin. But when I tried it, I broke out. There was an ingredient in there that wasn’t best for me. Everyone’s skin is different. Knowing what kind of ingredients work best for you is a big concern.

HB: What do you think are the worst ingredients in skin care products that women should stay away from?

VS: While ingredients in products are formulated for us, the most important thing you can do is read all the labels. Before investing in any skincare, you have to ensure that nothing is hazardous in the product. Some ingredients that I can think of are fragrances, parabens, and artificial dyes and colors. Testing the products and putting them on a small part of your skin is important. That way, you can see if your skin has an adverse reaction

HB: What are your recommended skincare routines for healthy skin?

VS: Skincare routines can get extensive if you let them [laughs]. I have been there. The most important thing you can do for a healthy skincare routine is consistency. In the evening, ensure you take off all your makeup the best you can. Try to incorporate an exfoliator once or twice a week to remove unwanted things on your face. Have a good moisturizer and serum on deck. With Buttah, I love the Vitamin C drops. That serum is excellent for targeting hyperpigmentation. Also, stay hydrated.

HB: As a mother and entrepreneur, how do you incorporate skincare into your wellness practices?

VS: When you are on the go, sometimes you do not have time for multiple steps for your skin care. I do not have a favorite product per se, but taking care of my skin makes me feel powerful. When I am taking care of my skin, that is how I am showing love to myself. Taking those five minutes to focus on grounding myself helps me prepare for the day. I can cleanse my face and massage the cream a little bit longer If I can. It’s a commitment to take care of your skin. That is the main lesson in wellness as well.

Health is wealth. We can’t do anything if our health isn’t in check. So it is important to put yourself on the priority list. Self-care can look like going to the spa, but it doesn’t have to start there. It can start in your bathroom with breathing exercises and create a spa-like environment at home. For example, I have a steamer that rejuvenates and wakes me up. Then, I put the essential oils in, whew!


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