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Mortal Kombat 11 Spawn

Source: WB Games / NetherRealm Studios

Here he is Mortal Kombat fans, the one character everyone has been waiting for since he was first announced, Todd McFarlane”s comic book creation Spawn. NetherRealm Studios finally dropped the gameplay trailer featuring everyone’s favorite antihero.

NetherRealm and WB Games unveiled the final character from Mortal Kombat 11’s first Kombat Pack during today’s (Mar.8) Final Kombat 2020 event at the Mortal Kombat 11 Pro Kompetition esports series. Attendees got the opportunity to see the hellspawn formerly known as Al Simmons before the rest of the world finally did.

For those who need a bit of backstory, Simmons was one of the U.S. government’s greatest soldiers. Unfortunately, he was betrayed by his own men and mercilessly killed, and because of his life as an assassin, his spirit went to hell. There he made a deal with the devil, who is named Malebolgia, and agrees to join his army as a Hellspawn to see his wife again. BUT, like any deal you make with the Satan, it’s going to be twisted. Simmons returns back to Earth, but his body is badly burned, and his memory is all jacked up. To make things even worse when he finally remembers the deal he made, he finds his wife and is saddened to learn that his she has moved on with his best friend Terry, and the couple has a daughter together.

Dirty macking on another level.

Now he is the realm of Mortal Kombat to “fight for supremacy” against all Kombatants, and he looks like he was well worth the wait. In the trailer, we get to see Spawn in action using his Necroplasm powers as well as his signature battle-ax, chains, machine guns, and, of course, his fan-favorite cape to dish out some severe punishment to his foes. The best part about Spawn is the fact he is voiced by actor Keith David who lent his voice to the character in the Emmy award-winning HBO animated series. If you have HBO GO, you should do yourself a favor and watch it.

Too bad they couldn’t get Arnold Schwarzenegger to voice The Terminator T-800 in the game, we’re gonna let that slide.

As to when you can finally play with Spawn, if you already own the Kombat Pack, you get early access starting March 17. Everyone else will be given access to the character on March 24.

Mortal Kombat 11 Spawn

Source: WB Games / NetherRealm Studios

Spawn’s trailer wasn’t the only announcement, there will be three fresh skins Mortal Kombat fans can look forward too with the Matinee Skin Pack. Jacqui Briggs gets two costumes, a Spawn-inspired “Hellspawn” and “Space Marine” look. Kotal Kahn also receives a new fit with the “Osh Tekk Vandal,” and Erron Black looks sort of like Indiana Jones with his “Swashbuckler” costume.

Mortal Kombat 11 Spawn

Source: WB Games / NetherRealm Studios

We cannot wait to play with Spawn, you can watch his gameplay trailer below.

Photo: WB Games / NetherRealm Studios

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