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Dennis Prager, nationally syndicated conservative radio talk show host and writer, speaking at the Turning Point High School Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C. on July 24, 2018. | Source: SOPA Images / Getty

Here is a simple fact: Conservatives are not against “indoctrination” in the classroom.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and other Republican legislators and pundits have been using that buzzword to death the same way they have appropriated “woke” and changed critical race theory from a decades-old academic study on systemic racism to a rallying cry for the white, fragile and aggrieved. (None of whom actually know a single thing about what CRT is.) But DeSantis and the rest of the barely-closeted white nationalist brigade are all for indoctrination as long it’s the right indoctrination (pun absolutely intended). As long as school students are learning from a conservative perspective that highlights American jingoism and omits any factual lessons on Black history that gets white conservatives Klan robes all in a bunch.

It’s still all about indoctrination.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, “An unaccredited conservative non-profit organization known for its anti-immigration theories and downplaying of systemic racism has been approved to provide classroom materials to Florida schools.” Imagine that: DeSantis and the Florida Board of Education are using an organization with no educational credentials to*checks notes*—educate students. Why would they do that? Could it be that it’s more important to require students to learn from classroom materials developed by an organization that will join Florida officials in lying about systemic racism and demonizing migrants than it is to use materials from qualified educators? Is this the kind of DEI DeSantis advocates? Because I thought meritocracy was important?

PragerU, which was founded by conservative radio host Dennis Prager (we’ll get into more about him in a second) sent out a news release Monday saying that Florida is the first state to allow its K-12 lessons into the classroom but its plan is to take it’s white fragility-friendly education campaign country-wide.

“Thousands of American teachers and school board members have contacted PragerU desperate for wholesome, quality, engaging resources to help educate their students,” the release stated. “They are sick and tired of curriculum laced with radical political agendas — from Critical Race Theory and gender fluidity to overt anti-Americanism.”

Educational discussions of systemic racism and gender fluidity are only “radical” to racist and anti-LGBTQA+ Caucasians who would rather stick their heads in the whitey-approved sand than learn anything factual about U.S. history that makes America look like anything less than the exceptional utopia of freedom and liberty they have deluded themselves into believing it is. For a so-called educational resource that is being forced on students to label these lessons as “radical political agendas”as if the effort to ban them into white and “wholesome” oblivion isn’t just as much a political agenda—puts on full display white conservatives own indoctrination initiative. But what else should we expect from a state that is now requiring teachers to teach that enslaved people benefited from slavery and that Black victims of race massacres also committed acts of violence? 

Anyway, it also turns out PragerU’s founder is racist. (Shocking, I know.)

Prager once claimed falsely and without evidence that Black students commit the “overwhelming” majority of on-campus hate crimes and that if any racist and/or anti-Black graffiti is found on campuses “it was Black kids that did it” as a race hoax.

Prager also appears to be very upset that white people can’t use anti-Black racial slurs anymore.

“How many names have Blacks gone through in my lifetime?…What was wrong with Negro? What was wrong with colored? None of them, there’s no problem with any of them,” Prager once whitesplained on his talk show, according to NY Daily News.

He also told a caller on his show that “the left has made it impossible to say the n-word any longer” and that “is idiotic that you cannot say the n-word.” (This was his justification for using “the k-word” in reference to Jewish people, by the way.)

So, basically, Florida hired a racist to provide educational materials that purposefully exclude critical race theory because it’s “racist” against white people.

Florida—the Sundown State. 


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