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Father consoles anxious kindergartener while they wear masks as he's dropping him off for first day of school,

Source: Courtney Hale / Getty

The first day of school can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience for children.

Here are some strategies to ease the first day of school anxiety and set your child up for a positive start:

1. Open Communication Encourage open conversations with your child about their thoughts and feelings regarding the upcoming school day. L

2. Visit the School Ahead of Time Arrange a visit to the school before the first day. Walk around the campus, explore the classrooms, and even meet the teachers if possible. Familiarizing your child with the environment can alleviate the fear of the unknown.

3. Establish a Routine Start getting back into the school routine a week or two before the actual day. A consistent routine can create a sense of stability and reduce anxiety.

4. Share Positive Stories Share your own positive school experiences or stories of when you faced something new and challenging.

5. Create a Transition Item Give your child a small item, like a keychain or a family photo, to keep with them throughout the day.

6. Focus on the Positive Shift the focus from potential challenges to the exciting aspects of the school day. Discuss the fun activities, new friends, and interesting things they’ll learn.

7. Plan Something Special Plan a small treat or activity for after school, something your child can look forward to. This can serve as a positive reward and make the transition smoother.

With these tips, the first day of school will be a breeze.

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