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Source: David Becker / Getty / Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey has been defending his wife, Marjorie Harvey, from allegations of infidelity on social media. Still, he would never have foreseen someone in his inner circle spilling tea about his marriage.

Shirley Strawberry, a long-time member of the Steve Harvey Morning Show team, apologized to Harvey after a phone call between her and her estranged husband, Ernest Williams,  who is in prison, leaked, exposing some comments she made about Harvey’s wife’s home life.

Strawberry Said Marjorie Harvey Looks At Steve Harvey’s Co-Hosts Like The Help

“Marjorie has her own Spa, her own workout room…she could go in there and get massages every day. People come to her house and…work her out and all of that. I was like ‘oh God what a dream,” Harvey reportedly told her husband per WLBS.

Williams then asked if Marjorie “looks old” Strawberry responded, telling him that she looks good in pictures. Hill then asked if Harvey was around during visits, and Strawberry said, “No, she’s not there; if she was there we probably wouldn’t have been all over the house…you know he’s scared…I knew I wasn’t supposed to be in there but he brought us in.” “He was happy to see us…he always invites us over there, and we don’t never go…because I don’t know if she’s there…you know. She’s, um….nope….she looks at us as ‘the help’ you know…it is what it is.”

In her apology to both Harvey and Marjorie, Strawberry said, “Steve, I’m going to start by saying that my estranged husband is in jail. He’s been in jail for over a year, right after the 4th of July of 2022, and recently some phone calls between he and I were leaked last year,” she said. “On those calls, you hear me saying that you were winded going up the stairs at your home and that Majorie looks at us as the help. Right here and now, I want to apologize to you and Majorie. As much as I wish I could, I can’t take it back.”

Steve Harvey Won’t Tear Down Strawberry

Harvey replied to Strawberry’s apology, taking the high road and saying he wouldn’t add to the clicks by tearing down his co-host.

“Let me say this to you, Shirley, we have known about this right after it happened, but we can’t get in nobody’s marriage like ‘girl what are you doing? What are you feeling?’ But we didn’t want to talk about it,” Harvey said.

He added that we live in a “social-media climate” and that everybody wants to “tear someone down for clicks,” but he won’t be doing no such thing when it comes to Strawberry.

Steve Harvey is a real one for that.

Photo: David Becker / Getty

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