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Source: Variety / Getty / Jada Pinkett Smith

If you hoped Jada Pinkett Smith was done talking, we are sad to report she is not.

Jada Pinkett Smith is currently on her whirlwind book tour for her memoir, Worthy, coming October 17, and recently stopped by the All The Smoke podcast to speak with hosts and former NBA hoopers Matt Barnes, and she had even more juicy nuggets to share, specifically about 2Pac.

Following the recent revelations that she and her husband, Will Smith, have been separated for years, Pinkett Smith revealed that her late bestie, 2Pac, asked for her hand in marriage during his 1995 prison stint.

Pinkett Smith believes that Pac would have kicked her to the curb the first chance he got out of prison.

Per HipHopDX:

“When I wrote about that in the book and when I had to talk about it, speak my words for the Audible version of the book, that was probably one of the more painful parts,” she said. “Seeing him there, the condition that he was in and having to leave him there. He was in bad shape. And so, when he asked me to get married, he was at Rikers [Island].

“I knew at that time that he needed somebody to do time with him, which I was gonna do anyway. He didn’t have to marry me to do that. I’m here. He needed a rock. Because of our friendship and everything we had been through together, he just wanted to feel that solidified foundation.”

She continued: “I promise you, he would’ve married me and divorced me as soon as his ass got out [of prison]. He would’ve! […] I just think it was the mind state that he was in. He wrote me this long letter, and even before ‘Pac went to jail, he was starting to shift in a certain manner. Good, really good.

“And I think that for him, he just felt like, ‘Okay, if I can tether myself, it’ll keep me on a trajectory.’ But trust me, he would’ve divorced me as soon as he — one thing he wouldn’t want me as is a wife. I know that for a fact! But I think just being at Rikers, it just kinda shook him a little.”

Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals Her & 2Pac Were Not On Speaking Terms

During their conversation, Pinkett Smith told Barnes and Jackson that she and 2Pac, whom she called her “soulmate” in a recent interview with Rolling Out, were not on speaking terms because of a heated argument.

It was only after his murder that she realized that holding onto past disputes was insignificant and that you “don’t hold on to bullsh-t. It’s not worth it.”


You can fully expect more details to drop leading up to her memoir’s release.

Photo: Variety / Getty

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