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The Game at "The Documentary" 10th Anniversary Party And Concert

The Game is a wild boy. Last week, Game, apparently on Effen vodka-infused rant, took to Instagram to reminisce about he and 50 Cent’s friendship. A friendship, that was apparently as tight as Kehlani’s vaginal area. Kehlani would have no parts (no pun intended) of Game’s comment, calling him out for his lack of respect and reminding him she was “#BarelyOldEnoughToBabySitYoKids.”

An hour ago today, it seems like any potential beef between the two have been squashed. Game posted a video today of him and Kehlani chopping it up.


The caption reads: “Hangin wit my lil lil lil lil homie @Kehlani today in the studio…. Had a koooooooool convo about.. Wouldn’t you like to know lol… Naw, but we 100 + 100 mo #CREAMTEAM #AintNoBeefBihhhh”

Looks like no shots will be fired and all will remain peaceful in California, until the next time Game gets drunk.


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