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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and although most moms will be spending their big day in the house, Babyface is making sure that it won’t be in boredom after announcing his special gift to all mothers.

On Tuesday (Apr 28), during an at-home appearance on the daytime talk show, The View, Babyface discussed his iconic Verzuz battle with Teddy Riley and how overcoming COVID-19.

In regards to his health, Edmonds said he contacted the virus after returning from Vegas with a scratchy throat. At the time, his doctor checked him out and said it could be bacterial. The R&B icon chose not to take any chances and self-quarantined right away.

“I immediately went to my studio and just kind of shut the studio down and I hunkered down there just in case and by that night, suddenly the fever came, body aches, chills, night sweats. Everything hit me and the temperature was like 101 and above sometimes,” Babyface said. “That lasted for about six days or so where it was just constant and at that point, [my wife] Nikki had not had any symptoms at all, and then, somewhere in between that time period, she ended up getting symptoms.”

Babyface revealed that it took he and his wife a total of 10 days to receive the results of their COVID-19 tests before adding that he spent a total of 17 days in isolation–which is why he is urging fans to take the virus seriously.

“You don’t know exactly what’s going to hit you because I have some friends that actually got really sick and I have some people back at home in Indiana, some people that I know that actually passed away.”

In regards to his iconic Verzuz battle that crashed Instagram, Babyface says it almost didn’t happen, but L.A. Reid and Diddy persuaded him.

“First of all, battling with music is not necessarily my kind of thing, to begin with,” Babyface said. “Puffy got on the phone and Puffy said, you know in his words, I won’t say what those words, what he said was stop being shy and go for it and that was kind of the thing that pushed me. I thought I should do this because we all needed an escape and this was a good thing to do. It turned out to be an amazing thing to do. We had a lot of fun. Teddy’s an amazing producer and writer.”

Babyface noted that the battle was so inspiring that he plans to release new music for the first time in five years, but not before announcing that he wanted to do something special for the ladies on Mother’s Day.

“There were so many people on Instagram Live that wanted to hear music from ‘Waiting to Exhale’ and so I thought this would be a great Mother’s Day to play the album and tell stories, tell how it all happened and talk about the artists and stuff,” Babyface continued. “That was half the fun of doing the Instagram Live and being able to tell stories.”

Check out the interview below.

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