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WASHINGTON - OCTOBER 24: House Speaker nominee Rep. Mike Johnso

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

A Black reporter who asked Republican House of Representatives members about their new speaker with an extremist past was told to “shut up” and booed.

On Tuesday night, the continued chaos over the role of speaker in the House of Representatives seemed to end when Mike Johnson of Louisiana was elected to be their nominee. At a press conference to announce the news, Johnson was surrounded by gleeful GOP members when ABC News reporter Rachel Scott (who is Black) posed a question. “Mr. Johnson, you helped lead the efforts to overturn the 2020 election results,” Scott began. “Do you stand by —”

Scott was then interrupted by those assembled around Johnson, who began to boo her. GOP Representative  Lauren Boebert of Colorado said “oh God” as others yelled out “Go away!” Rep. Virginia Foxx of North Carolina, standing off to the left of the podium, then loudly yelled, “Shut up! Shut up!” Johnson, who is also the Vice Conference Chair, smiled and said, “Next question.” The entire exchange, caught on video by C-SPAN, soon went viral. Fervent Donald Trump supporter Johnson took over as Majority Speaker on Wednesday, ending a turbulent three-week period that saw Rep. Kevin McCarthy ousted and Representatives Steve Scalise of Louisiana and Jim Jordan of Ohio be denied the job, with Tom Emmer of Minnesota dropping his bid after a few hours.

Rep. Foxx has been notorious for her brusque behavior towards members of the press in the past, particularly when it comes to the members-only elevators in the Capitol buildings. Two days earlier, she yelled at reporters to “get away from the damned elevator” in response to them being gathered by an elevator seeking comment from the GOP Representative Byron Donalds of Florida.

The moment has now become an ad for a group created to combat MAGA politicians based in New York who supported the extremist Johnson for the role. “ He has no business being Speaker… His extreme agenda – from a national abortion ban to cuts to Social Security – will impact millions of New Yorkers, which is why it is absolutely imperative we come together and raise the alarm bell on this new MAGA Speaker and his divisive and deeply unpopular record,” said  Courage For America spokesperson José Morales, Jr. The ad is now airing in parts of upstate New York.


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