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Dwight Howard’s recent legal issues are a trending topic. Mase had time to address the former NBA star and the allegations he is facing, and it was pure comedy.

HipHopDX is reporting that the most recent episode of the viral sports commentary show It Is What It Is addressed Dwight Howard’s recent admission to courting another man. In 2021, the National Basketball League star was accused by a man named Stephen Harper of sexual assault. The victim claims he met Howard online and the two then decided to meet in person. They finally did, but it is alleged that Dwight invited a transgender individual named “Kitty” to Harper’s surprise.

Radar Online obtained the lawsuit documentation. It reads that Howard “grabbed Mr. Harper by the thighs, forcibly removed Mr. Harper’s underwear, held Mr. Harper down, and performed nonconsensual oral sex on Mr. Harper.” The filing also states “Mr. Harper was in fear of imminent bodily harm when he was pinned down and forced to remain in place while Defendant continued to sexually assault him.”

Around the 43-minute mark Mase discusses the situation. The result is one of the most memorable comedic moments of the show’s history. “We got to stop telling people, ‘I don’t care what you do on your own time.’ Because we do care… And women, you got to stop. We got to stop telling n****s, ‘What you do in your own personal time has nothing to do with me.’ It does matter. Those are the lies that are going on in society,” he said.

The Harlem native went on to further explain his stance. “People will say, ‘It don’t matter.’ But as soon as they find out, it matters. So they outing them. When it comes down to making money off the story, it matters” he added. “When it comes down to who dating you it’s gonna matter. When it comes down to if you’re gonna be in the locker room with them, it matters. Because there’s about 30 teams who didn’t sign Dwight Howard because it matters.”

As expected his co-hosts found the talk track hilarious resulting in Cam’ron and Stat Baby holding back their laughs. You can see Mase discuss the situation below.

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