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Renaissance World Tour Film

Source: AMC / AMC

As a day one BeyHive member, nothing was going to stop me from seeing Renaissance: A Film by Beyonce in theaters opening weekend. I couldn’t wait to relive the extravagant costumes and hypnotizing choreography set to the sound of live music. While I would have been happy watching from anywhere, I was lucky enough to view it in Dolby Cinema!

For full context, this wasn’t my first time seeing a concert film in the theater. But it was the first time I felt like I was at a concert while in the theater. 

Dolby Cinema is designed to elevate the movie-going experience with ultra-vivid colors and the use of Dolby Atmos speakers to help sounds come alive all around you. They even include spacious recliners that make being seated for three hours A LOT more comfortable. 

Renaissance World Tour Film

Source: AMC / AMC

Once I entered the theater at AMC Lincoln 13, I was in awe. Their Dolby Theater is the first you see on the floor and sectioned off from other theaters – already giving the feel of a VIP experience. Once you enter the doors, there’s a lengthier than usual hallway – which I treated like a catwalk – to get to the seats. My seats were on the ground level, but a small staircase took others to balcony seating, which reminded me of a stadium. 

Of course, I showed up decked out in my finest Beyonce regalia – a black Renaissance World Tour official t-shirt sandwiched between an Adidas x IVY PARK reversible track jacket and 3-in-1 track pants set from the ‘Ivy Park Noir’ collection to keep me warm, and silver mid forums from the Adidas x IVY PARK’ Icy Park’ collection for maximum comfort. I wasn’t the only one – most theatergoers rocked a similar version of “cozy opulence”. With few exceptions, nearly everyone had a similar combination of mostly Black with some silver and whatever themed Renaissance or Ivy Park piece fit the occasion. The coordinated outfits gave me a sense of deja vu.  

My theater wasn’t rowdy, but they didn’t shy away from sharing their excitement, surprise, and joy at key moments in the film. Since our seats were extra roomy, there was plenty of space to stand and dance at your seat without knocking into your neighbor – like a few did when the infectious rhythms of Break My Soul hit our ears and transported us back to MetLife Stadium.

Renaissance World Tour Film

Source: AMC / AMC

For me, the Dolby experience was most noticeable during the gospel section of the show. The sound was so clear I felt like I was seated two pews from the organ at a church! I don’t care how clear your streaming service is, you have not felt Church Girl or Beyonce’s harmonies with The Clark Sisters on Family Feud until you have heard it with surround sound!

This was also where I realized just how vivid the colors on the costumes were. Watching Bey’s amazing technicolor coat change from white to dull, then muted and finally vibrant from my 100-section seats at MetLife Stadium was beautiful, but seeing it with the Dolby vision made the transitions even more mesmerizing. 

Renaissance: A Film by Beyonce is a must-see, and just like the tour, cheap seats are better than no seats. But for the closest feel to being in Club Renaissance, you should definitely try to see it at a Dolby cinema. At least once.


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