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Source: @new_bghollyhood / Instagram

Things still seem to be very spicy between the Hot Boys. B.G. says he and Lil Wayne spoke after dissing his band mate.

Last week he released a song with Finesse2tymes titled “Gangstafied” where he took some very pointed shots at Tune. “My n***a Weezy steady touring, but he’s b***h and it’s showing / I’m still a living legend, don’t act like you didn’t know it” he rapped. XXL Magazine is reporting that the newly free MC has spoken to Wayne as per a video he shared to social media on Sunday, January 7.

“I talked to my little brother last night. Shout out to shorty. Still my little bro. I love my little bro. Sh*t be complicated sometimes. But, you know, Gizzle gon’ do what Gizzle does” he said. “I’ll tell a n***a I love him and call him a b***h all in the same sentence,” B.G. added. “So, if you ain’t like…you know…this family business. Shout out to my little brother Weezy, too.” Now that the Hot Boys all free men (Turk was released from prison in 2012 after serving almost nine years in prison) it is clear to the public that team has some issues to hash out before a formal reunion can happen.

In September of last year Birdman announced he is working towards a Cash Money Records reunion tour. But when asked why he did not roll out the same red carpet for Turk as he did for B.G. he made it clear that the two aren’t always on the same page. “Honestly me and Turk ain’t have a relationship before he went to jail” he said in an interview with Live Bitez.

You can see B.G. discuss his conversation with Lil Wayne below.

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