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Hulu's "A Shop For Killers" Key Art

Source: Courtesy / hulu

Hulu’s original series “A Shop For Killers” debuted on the platform yesterday (Jan. 17). The series starring Lee Dongwook and Kim Hyejun is a thrilling look inside one unexpected family business. Read more details about the action packed series and watch the trailer inside.

“A Shop For Killers” is directed by Lee Kwon and he paints the picture of how running a family business has never been more deadly.

The official series description:

Starring Dongwook and Hyejun, “A Shop For Killers” opens with a college student Jeong Jian pinned down by a cabal of assassins with the remnants of her childhood home, just hours after saying her final goodbyes to her uncle. Terrified and clueless as to why so many people are determined to kill her, Jian will have no choice but to fight back if she wants to survive.

Brought up by her eccentric uncle Jeong Jinman following the sudden death of her parents, Jian had an otherwise normal childhood occasionally punctuated by specialized survival lessons from her uncle. A quiet and guarded man, Jinman’s past is shrouded in mystery but Jian refuses to believe that he was capable of suicide – no matter what the police report says. 

Determined to uncover the truth behind her uncle’s death, Jian returns to her childhood home where she discovers a hidden phone revealing that her uncle had amassed over $14 million from a dark web site called “Murthehelp.” Shocked by this information, Jian tries to find out more, but a barrage of assassins and murder drones begin to open fire on the house. 

What was Jinman hiding for all those years and why are so many people trying to kill Jian?

Be sure to catch the action thriller series on Hulu. Two new episodes will be released each Wednesday with a total of eight episodes in its first season.

Check out the trailer below:

Will you tune in?

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