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Monica found herself at the center of attention following the circulation of viral concert footage that showcased her appearing a touch curvier than usual. The unexpected change in her physique sparked widespread speculation among fans, with many suggesting that she might have undergone a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery to enhance her contours.
In response to the swirling rumors, Monica took to a livestream on Monday (Feb. 19) to set the record straight.
She debunked the speculation, attributing her enhanced appearance to cleverly chosen shapewear rather than any surgical procedures. In her characteristic down-to-earth style, Monica jokingly referred to BBL as “bought by Linda,” playfully acknowledging her stylist’s role in crafting her stage-ready look.

Despite her playful dismissal of the surgery rumors, Monica used the opportunity to candidly address her health concerns, emphasizing her reluctance to undergo any unnecessary cosmetic procedures. Maintaining her authenticity, she even poked fun at her continued use of strip lashes instead of extensions, showcasing her commitment to remaining true to herself.

Looking ahead, Monica is eagerly anticipating her upcoming Pink Friday 2 Tour alongside Nicki Minaj, where she’ll be hitting the road to reconnect with fans across various cities. Expressing gratitude for the opportunity and reflecting on Nicki’s acknowledgment of her influence, Monica eagerly anticipates the chance to showcase her talent and connect with audiences worldwide.

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