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NFL Flag Football Showdown: Team Metro Boomin vs. Team 21 Savage

Cam Newton was recently involved in a brief scuffle during a 7-on-7 football tournament last weekend, and new details have emerged. While Newton still hasn’t made a public statement, it has come out that none of the people involved are moving forward with pressing charges.

TMZ Sports learned that Cam Newton, 34, and Top Shelf Performance’s TJ Brown and Steph Brown all are deciding to leave the authorities out of their dustup, which largely amounted to nothing considering Newtown seemingly held the pair at bay on his own without throwing one punch. An unnamed man ran into the frame and joined the fracas and attempted to throw a sucker punch but missed badly.

In subsequent interviews, which we’ll share from the TPS side below, they claim that Newton was talking trash and that it’s a common occurrence between Newtown’s football league and the team TPS oversees. However, there is a video of one of the Brown brothers talking trash about Newton and questioning his quarterback skills.

TJ Brown did apologize for what happened on the field last weekend and realized that the spectators should not have been witnesses to the incident.

That said, until Cam Newton decides to share his side of the story, the account from the Brown brothers is as much as we’ll get for now.

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