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Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York

Source: Focus / Getty

The promotional efforts for Beyoncé’s forthcoming country album are well underway. However several museums have denied any involvement with her Cowboy Carter projection.

On Wednesday, March 20 advertisements for her newest project were projected onto the walls of multiple iconic institutions throughout New York City. “This is not a country album. “This is a Beyoncé album. Act ii Cowboy Carter 3.29” read on the facade of the Guggenheim. Additionally photos of the album imagery were also displayed on the exterior of The New Museum and The Whitney. While at first glance it seemed like there was some sort of deal struck between her record label and these institutes that is not the case.

According to The Gothamist the stunt came to the Guggenheim as a surprise. “The Guggenheim was not informed about and did not authorize this activation,” a spokesperson said in a statement via email to the news publication on Thursday, March 21. But they also added that the “Halo” singer and her fans are welcomed to attend their upcoming Jenny Holzer installation. On Thursday, March 21 they referenced a lyric from “Texas Hold ’em” in a social media post about a painting by Franz Marc that featured horses.

In an Instagram post the Houston native detailed how this effort came about. “This album has been over five years in the making. It was born out of an experience that I had years ago where I did not feel welcomed…and it was very clear that I wasn’t” she wrote. “But, because of that experience, I did a deeper dive into the history of Country music and studied our rich musical archive. It feels good to see how music can unite so many people around the world, while also amplifying the voices of some of the people who have dedicated so much of their lives educating on our musical history.”

Cowboy Carter, Beyoncé’s first ever country album is slated for a March 29 release.

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