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Jhené Aiko took the Coachella stage this year. The full circle moment came with a vulnerable and emotional confession, where she eventually brings out her daughter Namiko to sing her song, “Sing To Me.” Read more about Jhené’s set and watch a clip of the mother-daughter performance inside.

The six-time Grammy nominated artist was one of the final acts to close out Coachella 2024, and she gave a beautiful 75-minute set, equipped with sound healing, her soothing voice and lots of surprise performances.

During Weekend One’s performance, she Aiko shared that it’s been “quite the journey getting here” and offered her gratitude to the Coachella crowd for continuing to support her dreams. She said that it’s not even the obvious vision of being a singer, but about being able to live out her greatest dream of becoming a mom who can support her children.

“[My dream] isn’t actually what I’m doing right now,” Aiko revealed to her fans. “This is beyond my wildest imagination. My dream is actually to be a mom.”

Aiko gets choked up thinking of how grateful she is to fulfill her greatest dream. She shares a 15-year-old daughter, Namiko, with singer O’Ryan and 1-year-old Noah with her current partner, Big Sean.

“Let me get it together. My dream was always to be a mom and be able to support my family. Through your support of my music and the art that I create, I’m able to do that. So, I have to let you guys know how grateful I am,” she continued with tears in her eyes.

Aiko also reflected on her Coachella debut over a decade ago. The 36-year-old singer remembers grieving and being inebriated during her first set.

“I had a lot going on— my brother had passed two years before, my daughter was five and I’m not gonna lie, I was high and drunk out of my mind. I was like blackout high and drunk. I had a good time, but it was probably not my best moment,” she admitted.

Jhené’s Debut Coachella Set:

Aiko honored God for allowing her to return and give fans a sober performance.

“I’ve learned a lot since then,” she added. “I’ve realized that you have to allow yourself to feel your emotions in order to heal. I’ve also learned that your reality is your choice. Everything that we see in our waking life is just a projection of our state of mind and what we imagine, what we think. I’ve learned that everyone is going through something and is just another version of me. We are all each other’s reflection.”

Similar to her debut Coachella performance, where she brought out Drake, this year she had even more surprises in store. Her surprise guests included Omarion, Saweetie, Aiko Tyga, Sean and her eldest daughter Nami.

The mother-daughter duo sang “Sing To Me” beautifully to wrap up a successful Coachella 2024 performance.

Check out a clip from their performance below:

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