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Chatham County, North Carolina. Map on white background with red banner

Source: bgblue / Getty

In rural Chatham County, North Carolina, with just 81,000 residents and 1,076 farms, a transformation is underway. The old mill, once dormant, now buzzes with activity as it houses a dance studio, a grocer, and a steakhouse. However, many locals still commute to nearby Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh for employment opportunities.

The landscape is shifting with the arrival of the new Wolfspeed factory, spanning six football fields, poised to produce advanced wafers for computer chips, says WCCB. Automaker Vinfast is also slated to open a factory in the area. These developments, bolstered by incentives signed into law by President Biden, signal a turning point for Chatham County.

Moreover, plans for several thousand new homes, backed by developers such as the Walt Disney Corp., underscore the region’s economic resurgence. Similar narratives of growth are unfolding in pivotal battleground states like Arizona and Georgia.

Despite the optimism expressed by locals like Lewis, translating into potential support for the incumbent president, polling data thus far in the election year suggests little acknowledgment of these gains. Instead, voters remain focused on the persistent challenge of inflation, which continues to climb at an annual rate of 3.4%.

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