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The Bad Boys( Marcus and Mike Lowry) are back!  The new follow up to Bad Boy’s 4 is really a hit! You literally get Action, Drama and Suspense all in 1. I did not expect the captain to be the center of an illegal trafficking scheme. In my opinion, this was the breakout movie for Reggie Mcdonald bka Dennis Mcdoanld. He took control and literally whooped ass LOL!



Now what really had me at the edge of my seat, was Martin slapping Will back into reality. But let’s be clear, doesn’t Mike Lowry(Will) always find a way to relax with his counselor?

The Bad Boys( Marcus and Mike Lowry) definitely left their mark in the industry, especially when it comes to sequels. Individually, they’ve reached unimaginable milestones so we say Job Well Done Fellas! The goal was to get the job done for Captain!