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Pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli Returns To Court On New Conspiracy Charge

Source: Drew Angerer / Getty

One of the most unique album releases of all time eventually ended up being a reminder that money does not buy you class. The story behind the purchase of Wu-Tang Clan’s one of one project is coming to your favorite streaming platform.

As spotted on Hype Beast the album the Hip-Hop world wanted to hear but may never be able to is now the subject of an upcoming movie. The story of how the iconic group’s seventh project was sold at auction and ended up in the hands of pharamadouche poster boy Martin Shkreli will soon be coming to Netflix. According to the report Paul Downs Colaizzo of Brittany Runs A Marathon has been slotted as director. The untitled project will be written by Ian Edelman (American Sole) and produced by Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment and The RZA.

While all signs pointed to Once Upon A Time In Shaolin bringing back the vibes Wu fans have long waited for, the 33 track project was mired in struggle. According several of the members the crew wasn’t really aware of the album’s launch strategy which only allowed one copy to be published. Additionally the work came with an 88-year copyright that forbid the owner from distributing it for commercial purposes. In 2015 Martin Shkreli purchased the album for a reported $2 million dollars.

The identity of the owner was not immediately released at the time of sale. Months after it was revealed it was the pharmaceutical executive who infamously raised the price of AIDS medication from $13.50 to $750 a pill. He would later let the fame go to his head and participate in a series of cringe worthy back and forth exchanges with Ghostface Killah. When the feds came to snatch him up he tried to sell the album on eBay but failed. RZA also tried to buy back the album but the government had seized it already.

You can revisit the origins of this bizarre project below.

Photo: Drew Angerer

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