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Wendell Pierce, The Wire star who was arrested for physically attacking a Bernie Sanders supporter, is breaking his silence about the incident. On Saturday, Pierce was apprehended at the Atlanta Loews Hotel for allegedly pushing a woman, hitting her in the head, and ripping off her sweatshirt following a heated conversation about politics. He was released from jail on Sunday. Pierce took to Twitter on Tuesday to express his regret: “I regret that what started as a civil political discussion escalated to the level that it did,” he posted. “Although what has been reported thus far differs in important respects from what actually occurred, I have confidence that the judicial process will work as it should.” The actor was slated to give a commencement speech at Rutgers University on Wednesday, but journalist Soledad O’Brien will deliver it instead. Read more.

Study: 91 Percent of Black Teens Believe We Will Never Overcome Racism

According to a new study, Black teens feel far from hopeful about race relations in our country. A Newsweek report titled “The State of the American Teenager,” revealed that 91 percent of African-American teenagers believe we will never overcome racism. The publication conducted a similar study back in 1966 titled “Teen-Agers: A Newsweek Survey of What They’re Really Like” and since then, the percentage of non-believers has risen by 33 percent. “Recent headlines — police-involved shootings of unarmed Black men, the Black Lives Matter movement, Donald Trump’s xenophobic politics — reveal a country deeply divided on race, with seemingly little hope for reconciliation,” stated the publication. In 1966, 44 percent of Black teenagers believed racial bias would be an ongoing issue for their generation; that number has increased to 82 percent today. Read more.

NFL Star Vernon Davis’ Fiancée Puts Him on Blast for Cheating

Football star Vernon Davis is in hot water with his wife-to-be. On Monday, the Denver Broncos star’s fiancée Janel Horne took to Instagram to put him on blast for allegedly cheating with a 20-year-old woman. She posted a photo of Vernon and the woman with the caption: “When you give a man your all, 15yrs, 3kids, and you sacrifice your life and he cheats on you with 20yr old child and lies on you #yourealiarandacheater #youwantedtobeoyighereyougo #lowselfesteem #imoverit #nothidingbehindyourlies.” Davis has yet to address the allegations head-on, however, he posted a cryptic message on Instagram, posting a quote from the Bible with the caption, “When people do these things then we should hold hands and pray for them #Letshelpthem by #praying.” Read more.

Mr. T Reflects on Friendship with Nancy Reagan

A 1983 photo of Nancy Reagan sitting on Mr. T’s lap has resurfaced, illustrating their unusual friendship. Mr. T joined forces with Reagan 33 years ago to take part in her Just Say No campaign, which was created to overcome drug abuse. “We were wonderful. Word got out that Mr. T was going to the neighbors and talking to kids and telling them to stay in school, don’t do drugs, listen to your mother,” said Mr. T during a recent interview. “That’s when [Reagan] was about to launch her Just Say No program, so they asked would I help them. I was so honored. I’m a kid from the ghetto, from the hood, from the other side of the tracks, and I get the opportunity to work with the First Family on such a powerful cause. I was honored, I’m still honored.” The former First Lady passed away in March due to congestive heart failure. She was 94. “Don’t wait for someone to pass to tell them that you love them, or tell them what you think about them. Everybody says [Reagan] was great, but I wonder if they said it to her while she was living,” said Mr. T. Read more.

BET’s CEO Debra L. Lee Becomes Twitter’s First Black Board Member

On Monday, Twitter announced that chief executive officer of BET Networks, Debra L. Lee, has been appointed to their board. Lee is the first Black board member and the third woman to join. She took to Twitter on Monday to express her excitement. “Thrilled to be joining the @twitter board. It’s transformed the media and the world like few other things in history (and continues to)!!” she posted. According to data from the Pew Research Center, 40 percent of African-Americans between the ages of 18-29 who are online use Twitter. Black Twitter has also evolved into a major phenomenon in the realm of social media. Despite the major milestone, only 2 percent of Twitter’s employees are Black. Read more.


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