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Tiffany Haddish is proud of her Eritrean heritage. Recently a room on Clubhouse was created to diss the comedian/actress’ skill set. When Tiffany Haddish entered the room the energy switched. The participants flipped from bashing her to expressing themselves on how they dislike that she represents the Eritrean culture but not aware of the current events.

Haddish expressed she wasn’t informed on all the critical issues the country is having. Explaining her relationship with Eritrea comes from what she learned from her father.

The Eritrean members of the room were given a large platform to educate and highlight their issues with the first and currently serving President, Isaias Afwerki has served since their independence in 1993. They told the thousands in the Clubhouse Room they are tired of living under his aggressive dictatorship.

They continued to express that they want to go home but live in fear under Afwerki, telling all those listening that there is no freedom to protest.

 Ciham Ali Ahmed was born in  Los Angeles to Eritrean parents. At the age of 15 years-old was detained by Eritrean security for trying to flee the government. At this time, her whereabouts are still unknown.


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