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Paris terror attacks - scene

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The world watched in horror yesterday as reports on the latest round of ISIS terrorist attacks in Paris, France reached unthinkable heights.

Based on what’s been confirmed thus far, the deadly attacks targeted several pre-selected areas in the French capital and involved multiple bombings, shootings and all out terrorizing of unsuspecting civilians over a 5-hour time span. In a statement issued to their supporters shortly after the night of terror subsided, ISIS named 8 militants responsible for the attacks with 7 of them reportedly dying in suicide bombings tied to the mission, while 1 was captured and killed by French police officials. Their statement translates as follows:

“Let France and those who walk in its path know that they will remain on the top of the list of targets of the Islamic State, and that the smell of death will never leave their noses as long as they lead the convoy of the Crusader campaign, and dare to curse our Prophet, Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, and are proud of fighting Islam in France and striking the Muslims in the land of the Caliphate with their planes, which did not help them at all in the streets of Paris and its rotten alleys. This attack is the first of the storm and a warning to those who wish to learn.”

Paris terror attacks - scene

Source: Getty

As of Saturday morning, the death toll has reached 128 but is expected to “fluctuate” as additional details continue to surface, according to the latest reports from CNN. In addition to the massive amount of lives lost, 180 people were also reported to have been wounded during the course of the senseless massacre.



Several bars and restaurants, as well as a high-profile concert arena were among the spots targeted in the attack, with multiple survivors providing play-by-play details on what went on inside each venue. Meanwhile, dozens of vigils and memorials have begun to surface across the city as residents come together in solidarity to mourn the loss of the many lives that were taken in the wake of the deadliest attacks on the city since World War II.


Source: WILLIAM WEST / Getty

The city’s world-famous Eiffel Tower landmark has also closed indefinitely and gone dark in honor of the lives lost, while multiple cities across the world including New York City, San Francisco and Brazil have altered the lighting on their most notorious landmarks to reflect the colors of the French flag as a show of support.


While local officials have stated that it is unknown whether or not all of the terrorists involved have been captured as they are still working to determine the exact number of assailants, French President Francois Hollande has described the horrific incident as “an act of war” and says “a very determined France” will prepare to face their attackers.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the people of Paris.

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