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On today’s episode of “Tamron Hall”, supermodel Beverly Peele chats it up with Tamron in an  exclusive interview regarding her allegations against fashion designer Peter Nygard. Peele doesn’t hold back in an emotional conversation about her traumatic sexual assault by Peter Nygard and how it resulted in the conception of her son, Trey. She also discloses how the trauma has affected her and the relationship she has with her son. Through telling her story, she hopes other victims will feel motivated to do the same.

Peele has been very candid with her son on how he was conceived. Unfortunately the traumatic experience hindered her abilities to bond with him when he was a baby. “I had already talked to my son about the incident and everything that went down. My son and I are very close and I told him, you know, that it was hard for me to, to take you into my arms and things like that – everything that I say my son already knows so it’s not anything that he’s hearing for the first time. We’ve already discussed our things and you know he’s such a strong boy, or young man I should say, and I’m very very thankful for him. The best thing I got out of Peter Nygaard was my son. But yeah, it was really hard for me to come to terms with the fact that this isn’t the baby that my husband and I made. This is from this horrible, evil person. I did not want to breastfeed, I didn’t want to, you know, let the baby’s smell get on me. I hate saying that but that’s the truth and it’s because of what Peter Nygard did to me and because of the way that everything went down,” she told Tamron.

The racy interview aired yesterday, but you can catch a few clips HERE, HERE  and  HERE.


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