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There have been many 70s cartoons, 80s cartoons, 90s cartoons and present day cartoons with African American cartoon characters. But very few have had the main character(s) be African American. Here are the best Black cartoons from the 70s,80s, and 90s and today.

10. Kid And Play

This cartoon brought the energy of the “House Party” movies and Kid And Play music for a short lived TV show.

9. The Harlem Globetrotters

Besides being flamboyant trick-heavy basketball players, the Globetrotters also saved the world from evil villains too. Who knew?

8. Mr. T

Besides being a wrestler and an actor Mr. T was also a gymnastics coach who used his students to stop villains and their evil plots.

7. The PJ’s

Eddie Murphy made this cartoon (claymation really) one of the funniest and most underrated Black cartoons despite the stereotypes.

6. Blokhedz

Blokhedz is a dope cartoon by the Madtwinz. Originally a comic book, the show never aired on TV but garnered a large following online and through its comic books and action figures. The show combined hip hop, science fiction, and comic books to create a dope cartoon.

5. Static Shock

Static was a young brother with electric powers and the same social issues that most of us dealt with going to high school.

4. The Proud Family

The Proud Family had excellent voice acting and was funny for all ages.

3. The Jackson 5 Cartoon

Great music, funny likeable cartoons made for a great Saturday morning cartoon show.

2. The Boondocks

Not exactly a kids’ cartoon, but had excellent animation, voice work and satire making it one of the best Black cartoons ever.

1. Fat Albert

With Bill Cosby’s great voices, funny characters and good, positive storylines, Fat Albert is the best Black cartoon of all time.

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