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Dave Chappelle hosts and A Tribe Called Quest performs the 42nd season episode 6 NBC's 'Saturday Night Live'

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Whether you find him funny or not one thing that can be said about Dave Chapelle is that he speaks from the heart. In a new interview, the comedian expressed his disappointment in the Saturday Night Live cast.

As spotted on Page Six the Washington, D.C. native joined Joe Rogan on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast last week. As expected their conversation touched on a multitude of topics including his historic run on Comedy Central and reacquiring the rights to Chapelle Show. While discussing Elon Musk’s upcoming guest spot on the NBC live sketch comedy show (the podcast was recorded the day prior) the two made it clear the staff wouldn’t utilize the Tesla businessman the right way.

“No one is woke enough,” Rogan theorized. “They don’t, they can’t appreciate the fact that you’re dealing with literally one of the most brilliant men that’s ever lived that’s going to come do your show”. Dave agreed saying “Again like you say no one can be woke enough. I’m torn because I like a warrior for a good cause but I’m really into tactics”. He went on to say the obvious when it comes to the show’s approach saying “you’re not going to nag people into behaving in a way that’s — in fact, if you continue with this tone, even if you’re right, you’ll be very hard to hear.”

Later on the Half Baked actor admitted that he met Elon in person and the two had a good back and forth together. “I teased him about being the richest man in the world,” Chappelle revealed. “He took it with good humor.”

You can hear the interview below.


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