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Growing up, my mother always told me comparison is the thief of joy. It looks like model Duckie Thot agrees. I’m not sure why people continue to test her, but she’s not above letting people know when it’s time to stop the madness. In early April, the model told someone to f*ck off, after they said she looked like a dark skinned White girl.

Now she’s asking that people refrain from comparing her to “The Black Kendall Jenner.” After posting a photo of herself to her Twitter page, a fan gave her a very backhanded compliment by comparing her to the famous Jenner supermodel.

To some, this was a compliment, but to those who know better, this was nothing but a warped perception of beauty. Duckie Thot is a gorgeous African woman who’s family escaped South Sudan as refugees. While her mother was pregnant with her, they settled in Australia with an attempt to rebuild their lives.

Duckie’s features are authentic to the Motherland so it is very insulting when they’re compared to a White woman. Black women are the soil of the earth and the blueprint to humanity. Without us, there is no them. For some reason, it seems difficult for people to accept that Duckie’s beauty isn’t rooted in whiteness. She is beautiful simply because that’s how God created her, and not because she secretly resembles a melanated Caucasian woman. More importantly, Duckie’s beauty is tied to African tribes of people who have the exact same features. Imagine being so rich with beauty that the world can bypass your deep, exotic melanin skin to compare you to a White woman. Don’t go stealing our joy with your misguided comparisons!


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