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Shontay Lundy

Source: Shontay Lundy / Black Girl Sunscreen

Despite common misconception, our melanin requires maintenance and with an industry geared toward marketing sunscreen products to other races, our Black skin is often left out the conversation.

In 2016, Shontay Lundy decided to take action. After an unsuccessful search for the ideal sunscreen that catered to her dark skin and did not leave a white or purple haze on her complexion, Lundy embarked upon a journey to create her own skincare product. This journey would birth a formula which would allow the brown-hued to comfortably stun in the sun without the burns and residue. Hence, Black Girl Sunscreen was created.

Black Girl Sunscreen CEO

Source: Courtesy of Black Girl Sunscreen / Black Girl Sunscreen

Since its debut five years ago, Black Girl Sunscreen has become a favorite among Black women who take pride in their skincare. With natural ingredients, non-residue formula, and multifunctional capabilities (it is a sunscreen, moisturizer and a makeup printer), it is no wonder this product has thousands of positive reviews.  Eager to know the inspiration behind her business, we spot to  Lunday about the motivation behind Blac Girl Sunscreen and how false information has led to Black skin being neglected in the sun screen world.

“In my search for a sunscreen brand that did not leave a blue, purple, or other colored hue on my skin, I realized it did not exist. I created Black Girl Sunscreen because I was underwhelmed by the options available at that time for skin protection for women of color. I am a woman of the sun, and with my darker complexioned skin, I was motivated to find a solution which eliminated the white residue and made women of color feel and look great in the sun.”

Shontay aims to continuously inform her community on the importance of sunscreen.  Her goal is to make sure she debunks the myths regarding the sun and our skin. “Our culture grew up with the impression that our melanin is enough protection from the sun’s harmful rays. This could not be further from the truth. Our skin burns, too! The only difference is that we do not realize it until our skin starts to peel. Black does crack! We are susceptible to sun damage, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, premature aging, sunspots, and skin cancer. We like to remind everyone daily, Stay Moisturized and Protect Your Skin!”

Black Girl Sunscreen not only protects Black people’s skin from the sun, it is a concoction of organic elements that nourishes it as well.  The vegan formula includes ingredients like avocado, jojoba, and cacao, to name a few, that soothe, moisturize, and evens out skin.  The latest addition to the Black Girl Sunscreen family, Make It Matte SPF 45, is a light-weight gel formula that provides protection with a matte finish sans the white residue.  Due to its oil-reducing capabilities, this particular product has been a favorite among the Black Girl Sunscreen family.  It has already sold out.

Black Girl Sunscreen CEO

Source: Courtesy of Black Girl Sunscreen / Black Girl Sunscreen

The Black Girl Sunscreen is playing a pivotal role in changing the way our culture views sunscreen.  When asked what Black Girl Sunscreen’s popularity is accredited to, Shontay replied with a simple answer: “We are working extremely hard to fill a void that honestly no one truly knew existed – the fact that Black and brown skin needs sun protection as much as their white counterpart.  We are educating our community on the importance of sunscreen use and protecting your skin.”

She continues by saying that the brand prides itself on staying true to their purpose and being in-tuned with their customers.

“We create conversations and block out the minutiae. Our team focuses on what feels right to us. We lean in and engage with ourselves as a team and with our community at large. We pride ourselves on listening to our community.”

Say goodbye to greasy sunscreen that is counterproductive to your makeup look, and say hello to perfectly protected, primed skin with Black Girl Sunscreen. Oh, and do not fret Black men…you can use it too.

Black Girl Sunscreen also offers sunscreen for kids as well.  To get your Black Girl Sunscreen, visit  Also, look for Black Girl Sunscreen in Target stores or online at

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