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Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

No matter what you currently think of virtually exiled rap-singer Tory Lanez, there’s never a reason to wish death on someone. However, the Juno Award-winning artist believes that was the case during a recent car crash he was involved in that almost took his life.


A fan account was able to grab the footage of the accident (?) that Tory posted earlier (seen above), which definitely appears to have been a close call. “It almost felt like someone knew to crash into us,” he tweeted not too long after it occurred, following up with another simple tweet that read, “Strange .”



So far, it looks like he’s just pondering as apposed to actually accusing anyone in specific of wrongdoing. However, we’re sure people will surely find a way to accuse Megan Thee Stallion and her boyfriend Pardison “Pardi” Fontaine for the ordeal following a viral blowout with DaBaby over Tory’s new single with him titled “Skat.”

Megan, who’s worked with DaBaby on multiple occasions in the studio and even shared a stage together, felt slighted that her hip-hop homie would go and work with an artist she alleges shot her in the foot last year. Pardi then came to defense for his girl, which only made things blow up even further. While we understand DaBaby’s original “it’s just business” response — a check is a check during this current pandemic! — loyalty plays a big part in why he might be wrong in the situation for the most part.

Again though, this social media spat over “Skat” only involves Tory in passing, so to think someone would want to risk their own life to crash a car into his Uber over it is a bit far-fetched. On the same note though, this is “Hollyweird” we’re talking about, where clearly anything can happen.

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Overall, we’re just happy that no one lost their life, whether it be Tory Lanez, his passengers or innocent bystanders. Hopefully he’s just being paranoid, because if not, well….definitely could be one hot summer!




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