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It’s been a great year for horror, with movies like Don’t Breathe, Lights Out, and more. The latest film that will freak you out is Shut In, starring Naomi Watts and Charlie Heaton of Stranger Things fame.

In the movie, Watts plays Mary, a child psychologist who lives in isolation in rural New England after her husband dies in a horrific car accident. Her son Stephen (played by Heaton) is bound to a wheelchair and completely dependent on her. One day when one of her kids goes missing, Mary starts to think she’s being haunted. As in most horror movies, she can’t seem to run without falling, putting her life in jeopardy.

I decided to ask everyone involved in the film: why can’t White women seem to run away in horror movies? It’s a horror movie trope that might only be second to the Black person dying first. Find out what they had to say in the video above.

Shut In hits theaters everywhere Friday, November 11.

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