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Danileigh at Rolling Loud Miami

Source: Lourdes Sukari / Lourdes Sukari

DaniLeigh is facing backlash for previewing her new single “Yellow Bone,” and people quickly began to dissect the song’s questionable meaning. Fans are livid claiming that the Miami singer, born to two Dominican parents, should not be creating a “light skinned girl” anthem. Some would argue this song’s release is poorly timed as rapper Mulatto recently faced public backlash for her stage name, and colorism has been an ongoing topic amongst the music and entertainment industries.


After posting a video previewing the new song, many blog sites began to share and fans commented their opinions. On one post from @TheShadeRoom, DaniLeigh reacted with her own thoughts about creating a song for her lightskin community that she later deleted.

“Why can’t I make a song for my light skin baddies? Why y’all think I’m hating on other colors when there are millions of songs speaking on all types?” DaniLeigh questions after thousands of people joined to express their disdain for the artist’s newest release.

DaniLeigh has been featured in headlines lately after confirming her new relationship with rapper DaBaby, and he showed his support by commenting three yellow circles underneath the post. She’s posed in the camera singing along to the words in a Marilyn Monroe-inspired look that surely looks more reminiscent of the White woman than a light skinned Black woman.

Fans rushed to point out the song’s messaging to be critiqued based on the extensive history of colorism across the world and especially most recently in the United States. Though DaniLeigh, a Dominican American, attempted to defend the song, the critics of her comments and the initial post for the world to see indefinitely.

Everyone joined in the Internet’s dismissal of DaniLeigh’s song. DaBaby’s baby mother appeared to react to the news of her new song. She posted to Instagram, “I’m gone, I ain’t gone doooo it..” with a slew of laughing emojis.


The 26 year old performer is still young but certainly grown enough to understand the deeply-rooted issues that plague this country when it comes to the separation of Black people based upon fair or dark skin. In entertainment specifically, Black women have encountered problems with lighter-skinned Black women being favored over darker skinned women for years. DaniLeigh may not have intentionally stirred up the pot today, but she surely has to be more purposeful with her platform if she intends to represent Black and Brown women. Otherwise, her fans will continue to view her as irresponsible when not considering the harmful rhetoric this may have caused.

Fans react on social media. Take a look at a few of the responses below:

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