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Detroit Prepares To Host GOP Presidential Debate

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It’s 2020, which means it’s almost that time folks. Time to exercise your right as an American and cast your vote for America’s next POTUS, which could potentially change the current state of the country. When it comes to people of color, women and other minorities, this year’s elections is our chance to shift the way our country has been running itself for hundreds of years.

For months now, we’ve watched several candidates disrespect and ostracize African Americans, women and young folks in general. That’s why it’s imperative that we come together as a whole to hit the polls this November to change the narrative that has been placed on us.


According to a National Poll, 48 percent of Democratic-leaning black voters back Biden as their choice for president, citing his time as former President Barack Obama’s vice president among reasons for their support. While Bernie Sanders is the favorite of black millennials, though his margin with that group is much smaller.

So obviously, there’s some generational divisiveness going amongst Black folks.

With all this confusion going on, it’s pretty hard to convince someone to go to the polls.

Let’s face it, voting can be tedious and boring. But like most boring things, it has to be done. Hit the flip for five VERY good reasons why Black Millennials should be hitting the polls this year.

Older Americans Are More Likely To Vote

Which means the same laws, same policies, same outcomes and no growth or change for the youth.

We’re The Most Important Demographic Of This Election

The young Black vote has determined the outcome of many recent elections.

Democratic Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards successfully fended off his Republican challenger in a runoff election, thanks to heightened turnouts in urban centers in New Orleans and Baton Rouge— two of the largest Black-majority cities in the country. While Democrat Doug Jones won in large part from overwhelming support of Black voters, specifically Black women.Brookings

The Young Black Voice Is Powerful Today

The millennial electorate is expected to be the first demographic group with the ability to challenge the basic two-party system. That means if we go out and vote, we could potentially force new political parties to form that directly reflect our needs as young, Black people.

It Directly Affects Us 

If you’re like most 20-30 somethings, you’ll soon be looking to buy a home, start a family, own a business etc. Which means your choice to vote today could benefit you for the next four or more years.

We Have Opportunity To Change The World 

As Gen Y and Gen Z, we’re hip to this country’s corruption game. Heading to the polls means making our voices loud enough that they know we can’t and won’t be messed with politically, economically or socially.


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