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Danielle Bregoli aka The Cash Me Outside Girl Visits Music Choice

Source: Matthew Eisman / Getty

We now live in a time when it’s ok to use Black people slang, rock their hairstyles and copy their fashion trends — but it’s not okay to be Black. It’s extremely evident in the media today, with celebrities like the Kardashians cash croppin’ on cornrows and full voluptuous bodies that Black women are often shamed for.

But the K-klan isn’t the only group of White Women cashing in on Black culture. They’ve managed to birth an entire generation of young caucasian women who idealize the concept of Black women without giving credit where it’s due. Let’s not forget Rachel Dolezal.


The Hip Hop game introduces a whole other realm of appropriation. Black culture IS pop culture these days, and White artists from every genre are now hip to it. Rappers like Eminem and Iggy Azalea have often been accused of appropriating Black culture, however, Em usually gets a pass. One of the newest, young rappers to be called out for cashing out on Black culture is 16-year old Danielle Bregoli.

Bhad Bhabie, who first came to fame by cursing out her mom on Dr. Phil,  is now a millionaire with hit records and chart topping records. How Sway? Recently, the viral rapper got into a social media spat with actress Skai Jackson and her mom, which many people believe is just hateration.

Although Bregoli  denies “acting Black”, the way she talks, moves, and even dresses says that she’s inspired by the culture that Black folks have created. Hit the flip below for all the times Bhad Bhabie (thought she) looked like Black Girl.

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