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Before I knew a thing about cigarettes, I remembered the taste of nicotine in my mouth as I mulled over the lyrics of Smoking Cigarettes. My 19-year-old self thought it was the end of the world after a horrible break up. I allowed Tweet’s debut album Southern Hummingbird to nurse my heart back to health.

Since Southern Hummingbird, Tweet has dropped hit after hit. With 3 studio albums under her belt, she preparing to give the people what they want — more music. Tweet gives every ounce herself on her new single Neva Felt This Way. The song explores what feels like to finally experience the fullness of love.

“The song comes from finally meeting someone that showed me what unconditional love really means,” she told HelloBeautiful in an exclusive interview. “I’ve been able to speak about how I’ve never really met someone who could really show the meaning of unconditional love and to love you from the space where you are. Whether it be broken, hurt or whatever and still love you in the midst of all that,” she continued.

A huge part of finally recognizing and receiving that unconditional love is exercising self-love. You won’t fully understand why someone sees the value in you if you don’t see the value in yourself. Tweet’s journey to self-love is all too familiar. The music industry can rip you apart if you don’t fit into their idea of what’s marketable. COVID-19 caused Tweet to sit with her thoughts and examine her worth.

“For me, this pandemic has caused me to do a self-reflection because there wasn’t unconditional love for myself. I didn’t believe I was beautiful. There are still things that I have to fix about myself in order for me to get there. From that I’ve learned that it’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to allow the emotions to come up; you may be sad, I’ve learned to just be sad in the moment and allow those emotions to take place and then get rid of them,” she said. “It has been a process for me, but I’m definitely there. I wasn’t always there throughout my career. You know, I had to deal with being the darker skinned artist. Somethings I auditioned for I didn’t get because I was this shade of brown. So I’ve had to learn to love myself and look myself in the mirror and say ‘You’re good!’”

Hard to believe that someone as gorgeous as Tweet would believe she’s not beautiful. Unfortunately, this is something that lots of women deal with. I mean, have you seen her rich, chocolatey golden complexion? Sis turns 50 in January and she looks 30. Tweet’s beauty regimen is a mixture of that good ole “Black don’t crack” magic and moisturizer!

“I’ve been doing the same routine all of my life. I really can’t use too many products and too much alcohol-based stuff so I just use Olay Foaming Cleanser and their moisturizer. Thats all I do,” she said. “I don’t wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis, but if I’m going somewhere I might slide a lil somethin’ on there.”

Despite the pandemic, Tweet has a lot of great things going on. Her daughter, Shenice Johnson, is about to welcome her second child into the world. Both ladies look more like sisters than they do mother and daughter. Shenice is an Independent artist with vocals that are out of this world. Luckily she is able to lean on her mom for advice on how to maneuver the music industry.

“I always tell her, even to this day to be herself and don’t compromise her values, her music, her style or anything. And thats been the number one thing – Never compromise. Also, be open for change and be willing to go through the battle for anything because it’s worth it, as long as you don’t compromise. That’s the number one thing for me because in the music industry you’re going to have doors shut in your face, you’re gonna get no’s, but don’t allow that no to dictate who you are or to change you confidence in what you know you can do.”


Source: Entertainment One / Entertainment One

Besides music, Tweet is looking to dabble in the fashion game. Via her Instagram page, we’ve been able to see her boho-chic style. The future designer is interested in developing a collection of glasses, hats, and shoes. She also plans on writing a book.

Tweet is full of nothing but gratitude. Her fan base is full of devoted supporters who’ve been rocking’ with her since the 90’s.

“Im just so grateful. everyone has been so supportive, even in my hiatus and coming back, you’d think ‘out of sight, out of mind’. But to see the love and feel the love, it’s just been so humbling and im so grateful. I just want to let everyone know that I appreciate all of the love and support.”


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