Community Talk With Chewy: Rap Legend Donk & Jayway Sosa

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Source: The Block / Radio One Charlotte


via: Youtube, StreetMoneyMagazine


In his recent stop to Charlotte, rap legend “Donk” stops the #ChewyTakeOver with local sensation Jayway Sosa to raise awareness about community enrichment. Recently, in Charlotte there was a tragic accident which has lead to a casualty of a young man due to gun violence. In the interview the artists do not make gun violence or music the vocal point of the conversation. They told listeners that it’s more to life than fighting each other, not just in urban communities but in all aspects of the world.


“Let’s continue to show our youth in life when we focus on things that don’t matter and what others have to say about us for bragging rights don’t matter. Let’s show them that we lose focus on things that matter like buying and owning your own land versus what kind of sneakers you have on.” -Chewy