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Source: Scott Legato / Getty

A lot of people are done with all the remakes.

Even the news of Bel-Air, the dramatic remake of the ’90s sitcom favorite, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, has probably been met with just as much scorn as it has anticipation.

It’s like every day there’s news of a new movie or TV show that has literally been done before, and often it’s the kind of timeless classic that leaves plenty of detractors expressing the same sentiment: Just leave it alone.

Also, some of these remake and reboot ideas are just bad.

According to TMZ, Tony-nominated playwright Matthew Lopez is reported to have been tapped to direct a remake of the classic 1992 romance drama, The Bodyguard, which starred  Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner and gifted the world with Whitney’s cover of “I Will Always Love You,” the only remake associated with the film people are willing to accept, apparently.

TMZ recently caught Bobby Brownanother R&B legend who also happens to be the widower of the original movie’s star—at LAX where one of its reporters asked him straight up if he thought a remake of The Bodyguard was a bad idea, to which he simply and without hesitation exclaimed, “Yeah,” and swiftly kept it moving.

Brown’s response was kind compared to many of the Twitter responses.

There’s also been some discussion as to who might be or should be cast in the new movie.

Of course, none of those suggestions or speculation has been received well either.

So far, no announcements have been made in regards to casting decisions or details about what this remake will look like, but what is clear is that, if this thing is really happening, it will be an uphill battle to convince moviegoers this particular remake is worthwhile.

Sometimes it really is best to just leave the classics alone. Then again, who knows?

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