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I remember being in High School and listening Jeezy and he would talk about “BMF” and I would say “Wow them dudes must be serious” . Only to later find out how serious they were following the arrest of their Notorious leader Big Meech. Big Meech is now serving hard time for an array of charges that have to do with Racketeering and Drug trafficking. But his legend lives on. This isnt like a Pablo Escobar legend; A Narco Trafficker that lived in a 3rd world country 40 Years Ago. Nah this happened on our watch, in our community. They shaped Hip Hop, The Culture and more. And last night the hip hop community came together in ATL to celebrate the Release of the 50 Cent produced TV Show BMF. The Story of the notorious Crime Organization starring Big Meech’s own son. I’m looking forward to learning more while watching the show