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R. Kelly might very well be the most desirable client for even the most talented of defense attorneys, but it appears that the beleaguered signer and songwriter has at least one legal ally willing to risk it all. A former sex crimes prosecutor who once viewed Kelly in an unfavorable light has since switched her position and is now defending him.

Insider profiled Nicole Blank Becker, who reportedly worked for over 20 years in support of sexual assault and related sex crimes victims in order to bring their alleged assailant to justice. In the piece, Becker, who watched the shocking Lifetime documentary series Surviving R. Kelly, was initially disgusted by the details shared within. Now, she’s decided to switch her stance and lend her expertise to Kelly despite her record of doing the exact opposite.

Insider writes:

Becker, who declined to discuss the details of Kelly’s case, said her opinion on the singer has done a 180-degree flip since she first learned of the allegations against him. She got involved in the case just months after the Lifetime series aired, and she’s counting on jurors to be as open-minded about Kelly as she was.

“The more I learned and the more I dug in and did my research, which included a lot of different things, my entire thought process changed,” she said. “The facts are what drew me in, and because I’m so big on being by the law — what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong — when I saw the injustice, I committed.”

Essentially speaking, Becker, who declined to discuss her findings with the publication, is essentially taking on the case using her own life’s work and that of her father, who was a defense lawyer.

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Unbelievable: Former Sex Crimes Prosecutor Actually Signed On To Defend R. Kelly  was originally published on hiphopwired.com